Grantaichean / Applying for Grants

GLPT – Application for Grant / Sponsorship Funding
UBnaG – Tagradh airson Tabhartas / Urrasachd


The purpose of the Gaelic Language Promotion Trust is to support and promote the teaching, learning and use of the Gaelic language in Scotland.   The Gaelic Language Promotion Trust offers assistance to full-time and part-time students taking Scottish Gaelic language courses or courses through Scottish Gaelic.  Currently, the main activity of the Trust is the provision of grants to students of Gaelic at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. However, the Trust recognises the importance of Gaelic pre-school provision, and following a generous legacy from Urras Gnìomhachas nan Gàidheal, Career Development Funding is now available for Gaelic students studying for an HNC in Childhood Practice, for Gaelic pre-school workers and GLPS primary teachers wishing to improve their Gaelic language skills. Priority is given to individuals currently employed in Gaelic pre-school establishments who are completing their HNC Childhood Practice modules on a part-time basis and primary teachers delivering Gaelic L2.

The Trust acknowledges the contribution that primary schools across Scotland are making to the promotion of the Gaelic language through the 2+1 language model and welcomes applications from GLPS schools for designated funding for Gaelic books. The Trust also provides grants in respect of Gaelic publishing, including digital and traditional printed books, and junior drama projects.
The Gaelic Language Promotion Trust considers funding applications on the basis of monies available from income generated by the Trust’s investment portfolio.


The Gaelic Language Promotion Trust has established the Cameron Fund, a seperate funding stream from the general fund, with monies received from a generous legacy. The Cameron Legacy carried conditions requiring the GLPT to support community-based media projects. To this end, the Trust welcomes applications from individuals / communities / organisations for projects involving new media. This might include short films and vlogs which the GLPT would showcase on their website.

Essential Dates
The Gaelic Language Promotion Trust meets three times during the financial year (January – December). The GLPT Grants Sub-committee assesses all grant applications, and funding recommendations are ratified at the formal Trust meetings.
The Trust will meet as follows:

•   November 2021 (deadline for grant applications: 10 November 2021)

Submitting an Application
Applicants seeking grant support must complete a GLPT application form. Download an application form in Gàidhlig or English or contact the email address below to request a copy. The application form can be submitted in either Scottish Gaelic or English. Applications must be submitted by the stated deadline(s) to enable them to be processed in advance of the Trust meeting(s).

Essential Requirements
In addition to a completed application form, all applicants should supply the following:
a) a copy of letter of offer confirming a place on academic course, and or
b)    evidence of matriculation (in the case of full-time students);
c) a report from an advisor of studies or equivalent (for students progressing to the next academic study year);
d) a copy of any publishing agreement/written correspondence with the publisher (for applicants seeking publication grant);
e)    a detailed synopsis of the planned work, participants and intended audience (for applications for drama projects).

Application Address
Please send completed application forms and all supporting material to Rosemary Ward, Secretary of Urras Brosnachaidh na Gàidhlig

Please mark the subject heading in emails ‘GLPT grant application’.

Notification of Decision

Applicants will be notified in writing of a decision within ten days of a Trust meeting. If an application is successful, the formal letter of offer will list the conditions of funding laid down by the Trust. Organisations / individuals must complete and return a signed receipt agreeing to the conditions before approved funds are released.

Conditions of funding include:
a)    Submission of testimonial / brief report on the impact and benefit of the GLPT funding from the recipient (for publication on the GLPT website);
b)    Submission of academic progress / final report (for completing / continuing students);
c)    Evidence of acknowledgement of support received from the GLPT on all publications, event programmes or publicity materials.

A full review of grants awarded by the Trust, to include consideration of reports and feedback received from grant recipients and referees, is undertaken at the Annual General Meeting to ensure that the Trust’s objectives are being achieved.